DataCite Business Models Principles are online

DataCite’s Business Models Principles document is now available for download. Intended for DataCite members and their clients, the document looks at DataCite member and client responsibilities, as well as best practices.

DataCite members may consult the Principles to learn about their responsibilities regarding contracts, costs and fee schedules, and prefixes. DataCite clients can use the document to understand their responsibility to ensure data persistence and to provide metadata. As well, they can learn about best practices such as landing pages and DOI syntax.

This document will be reviewed at least annually and may be updated more frequently, as necessary. Have a look!

Big Data: Call for your words and images

Our three-part series on Big Data is an invitation to discussion.
We’re looking for YOUR best stories, essays and images related to Big Data in ecology and environmental science. We’ll highlight excerpts from our favorites here on our blog will be available within the comments of this blog.
We’re aiming to represent a range of ideas as well as cultivate deep discussions around focused subtopics. As long as it relates to Big Data and ecology/environmental science it’s fair game, but we are particularly interested in discussion of the following points:

What’s one of the biggest challenges of ecological Big Data, and how can/should we address it (or what is someone already doing to address it)?…