IDCC14 Preview: Kevin Ashley

This time next week we will be getting ready to head out to San Francisco, so here is the last in our series of preview interviews with DCC Director, Kevin Ashley, who tells us what he is looking forward to at IDCC this year.
The theme of this year&rsq…

Circulation patterns show books in STEM and social sciences are accessed just as much as humanities books.

Drawing from comprehensive circulation data showing how monographs are accessed across disciplines at the University of Notre Dame library, Parker Ladwig and Thurston Miller challenge the assumption that STEM and social science books are accessed less frequently over time than monographs … Continue reading

Capturing and Preserving the Olympic Spirit Via Web Archiving

Every two years there is a fresh opportunity for excitement in following the Olympic games – not only for the thrill of the sports themselves, and rooting for hometown heroes, but for the fascination and variety of all the international culture in one place.   And now, there is an effort going on behind the scenes […]

Improving on “Access to Research”: Restrictive access and licensing fail to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Major academic publishers have supported an initiative equipping public libraries with free access to a number of subscription journal articles. Cameron Neylon argues this Access to Research scheme is an empty political gesture that fails to meet the needs of the … Continue reading

Considering Emulation for Digital Preservation

There was a week in January 2014 where I participated in three meetings/events where emulation came up as a digital preservation solution. Emulation has really hit its stride, 20 years after I first heard about it. An emulator is an environment that imitates the behavior of a computer or other electronic system.  In recent years, […]