Data Management Education: Part 2

Last week on Data Pub, I provided the impetus for my latest publication with co-author Stephanie Hampton in Ecosphere about data management education (available on the Ecosphere site). The manuscript is the result of my postdoctoral work with theDataONE organization. The question that spawned the research? Whatever happened to the lab notebook? This query resulted in a survey of whether […]

ResearchFish: CVs with alternative products

I received an email today and have been given permission to post it here to help spread the word.   See below (emphasis is mine). Looks like ResearchFish is useful for funders and universities, and free for researchers to generate CVs that include alternative products.  Cool!  I do think the generated CV line items need some ImpactStory […]

DC Representation at IDCC13

The 2013 International Data Curation Conference (IDCC) is being held in Amsterdam this week. The annual gathering brings together a diverse group of data professionals to discuss the present and future of digital curation.   Data Conservancy’s Tim DiLauro is …

Process behind a Nature Comment

Publishing a Comment in Nature involved a process unlike any I’ve experienced to date, so I figured I’d document it (Comment itself is here).   I wish more people would document the story behind their papers (and #OverlyHonestMethods ­čÖé ), and also the process behind their scientific communication to help us all peek behind the curtains. […]

First draft of just-published Value all Research Products

The copyright transfer agreement (arg) I signed for the just-published Comment in Nature included restrictions on where I may post a copy of the article: Although ownership of all Rights in the Contribution is transferred to NPG, NPG hereby grants to the Authors a licence […] c) To post a copy of the Contribution as […]

Just published: Value all research products

A Nature editor contacted me in November, asking if I’d like to write a Comment about the upcoming NSF policy change in Biosketch instructions.  It sounded like a great chance to talk about the value of alternative research products with a wide audience, so I agreed.  The comment was published yesterday and is now available […]