Volunteer Vignette: The Youngstown State University Transcribing Club

In today’s post, Abby Shelton interviews By the People volunteer and Youngstown State University student Julie Centofanti who has gone above and beyond! Julie started a Transcribing Club at YSU in 2020 to help fellow students fulfill a service requirement, build community, and have fun. She was one of two students to win a 2022 […]

Collaborations with Embedded Audio Metadata: Reusing Cue Chunk Data for IIIF Web Annotations

Collaborative editing and preservation capabilities enabled by an emerging open source workflow and updated preservation guidelines? More on a pilot of annotation approaches with AudioAnnotate Audiovisual Extensible Workflow, FADGI and BWF MetaEdit, and American Folklife Center collections in this post.

Research funders can tackle research waste – Lessons from COVID-19 research

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic promoted faster and more open research practices, it also revealed ongoing issues of research waste, and the widespread duplication of research efforts. Till Bruckner provides evidence for how research waste continues to im…

Tell me what you read (or watch) and I will tell you what you research: The two-way street between science and literature

Literature and in particular science fiction is often seen as being prefigurative to the development of science and technology. Whilst this can on occasion be the case, drawing on a study of AI researchers and their reading and viewing material, Sarah …