DOI support for DSpace – Testers needed

The university library of Technische Universität Berlin developed support for DOIs in DSpace.
The plan is to get it into the next release DSpace 4.0. The developers would be glad if anyone interested in this feature could test it. To test it, it would be helpful if you’re familiar with installing DSpace using its source release.

They published their code on github and wrote some notes ( that may help you testing and using it.

They would appreciate any comments in this ticket:

Data Citation Developments

Citation is a defining feature of scholarly publication and if we want to say that a dataset has been published, we have to be able to cite it. The purpose of traditional paper citations– to recognize the work of others and allow readers to judge the basis of the author’s assertions– align with the purpose […]

DataCite Summer meeting slides available

We are pleased to announce that the slides from the presentations at this year’s meeting are now available. In a few days we will post the whole talks together with the audio.

Thursday, September 19th

Opening Keynote

Introducing DataCite US – Enabling people

Partnership & Services – Engaging stakeholders (Part I)

Friday, September 20th
Partnership and Services – Engaging stakeholders (Part II)

Closing Keynote

DMPonline Beta update

Following on from the recent unveiling of the development version of the new DMPonline, an updated version is now available. This version has also been tagged in the GitHub repository.
The major changes with this version are:read more