Zambia’s Ministry of Health works with economists to determine how best to recruit and retain community health workers

Oriana Bandiera describes the close collaboration between a team of economists and the Government of Zambia to evaluate strategies to recruit, motivate and retain agents in the rollout of its National Community Health Assistant Programme. Using a randomised experiment the findings illustrate that there is no tradeoff between career incentives, skills and social values. Providing career opportunities attracts more skilled individuals who perform better […]

Preview of Digital Preservation 2014: Panel Members from “Community Approaches to Digital Stewardship”

Digital Preservation 2014 is hosting such a rich variety of presentations that we at the Signal want to preview some of them for you. Today, as part of our Insights Interview series, we present a Q&A with Bradley Daigle, director of Digital Curation Services and digital strategist for Special Collections at the University of Virginia […]

DataCite in the Open Repositories 2014 Conference

DataCite will be represented in the Open Repositories 2014 Conference, to be held June 09-13 in Helsinki, Finland in the context of the ODIN (ORCID and DataCite Interoperability Network) project.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet DataCite and ORCID technical staff in the Interoperability and services through shared identifiers developers challenge. There will be no fee to participate in the challenge and ODIN will provide a prize of an iPad to the “best” project, as determined by a vote of the participating developers.

DataCite will be also represented in the discussion panel “Promoting Interoperability and Services Through Shared Identifiers” to be held on Thursday June 12. Speakers from ORCID and DataCite will discuss implementation challenges for persistent identifier registries, including community engagement and support for development of third party services. They will be accompanied by Dryad and CERN speakers, who will focus on the challenges and opportunities for integrating shared persistent identifiers.

All these activities have been organized in the context of the ODIN Project, running from September 2012 to September 2014.

Preservation Aesthetics: An interview with Shannon Mattern

The design and structure of cultural heritage institutions and systems comes with a values and a politics. The values and politics of these infrastructures are often worked out and explored in the work of artists in a range of media. This is just as true of physical structures and spaces as it is of digital […]

The Impact of Social Sciences Project by the numbers: encouraging real-time impact recording.

The Impact of Social Sciences blog emerged from a three-year research project devoted to a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the complexity of academic impact. To not let any impact-relevant knowledge dissolve away, Jane Tinkler takes a look back at the outputs, outcomes and connections made throughout the research process. Whilst these figures help to establish a real-time understanding of academic research, […]