Reflections on the contemporary university: Reading List for Governing Academic Life #GAL2014

Changes to higher education, the role of neo-liberalism in academic life and the various social forces shaping researcher identity and practice are all set to be discussed and interrogated at the Governing Academic Life conference 25-26 June. To kick-start discussion ahead of the event we’ve pulled together a range of resources here on the topics to be explored over the two days. You […]

Preserving Digital and Software-Based Artworks: Recap of a NDSA Discussion

In response to a suggestion from our active membership, the NDSA Standards and Practices Working Group recently hosted a discussion about preserving digital and software-based artworks. Interestingly, the suggestion for this topic came not from a museum staffer but by Winston Atkins, Preservation Officer at Duke University Libraries. Complex materials like digital art works and […]

Australian survey indicates policy-makers still have major reservations about assigning priority to academic research

The disparity between academics’ perception of the impact of their research and the opinions of policy-makers was recently underlined by a team of researchers from the University of Queensland who undertook cross-sectional surveys and semi-structured interviews with social science academic researchers and personnel in policy-relevant roles in public sector agencies. Michele Ferguson, Brian Head, Adrian Cherney and Paul Boreham look at […]

A note to administrators and librarians: Those that fund research are responsible for funding its dissemination.

Only when the bulk of research comes with funds to pay author-side fees will publishers feel comfortable moving to new open business models. But who should be responsible for paying these new author-side fees? Stuart Shieber argues that those that fund research should be held responsible for funding its dissemination. As funders of research, universities themselves should be looking to organise […]

June Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter Now Available

The June 2014 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (pdf) is now available! Included in this issue: The 2014 NDSA Innovation Award Winners. An Insights Interview with Zach Whalen. Comparing Formats for Still Image Digitizing. Big Data is not Going to Manage Itself. Personal Digital Archiving: recent projects at two public libraries. Residency Program: wrapping […]