A forthcoming experiment in data publication

What we’re doing: Some time next year, the CDL will start an experiment in data publication. Our version of data publication will look like lightweight, non-peer reviewed dataset descriptions. These publications are designed to be flexible in structure and size. At a minimum, each document must have six elements: Title Creator(s) Publisher Publication year Identifier […]

Digital Preservation Pioneer: Gary Marchionini

In 1971, Gary Marchionini had an epiphany about educational technology when he found himself competing with teletype machines for his students’ attention. Marchionini was teaching mathematics at a suburban Detroit junior high school the year that the school acquired four new teletype machines. The machines were networked to a computer, so a user could type […]

BitCurator’s Open Source Approach: An Interview With Cal Lee

Open source software is playing an important role in digital stewardship. In an effort to better understand the role open source software is playing, the NDSA infrastructure working group is reaching out to folks working on a range of open source projects. Our goal is to develop a better understanding of their work and how they are […]