At the Museum: An Interview with Marla Misunas (and Friends) of SFMOMA, Pt. Two

We are continuing the previous interview with Marla Misunas of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this time including two of her colleagues:  Layna White, Head of Collections Information and Access at SFMOMA, and Mark Hellar, consultant and owner of Hellar Studios LLC. Mark is currently working on new media conservation initiatives at SFMOMA, including […]

Evidence-based service delivery and development requires full range of interactions and connections with research.

To help expand understanding of how research makes an impact Sarah Morton draws from her extensive research into how different types of evidence are used to develop and improve key services. Research might raise awareness of an issue, change people’s knowledge or understanding of an issue, challenge attitudes, perceptions or ideas. Research use doesn’t just mean an instrumental application of research […]

DataCite Annual Conference in Nancy, France, 25 – 26 August 2014

DataCite invites you to our 5th Annual Conference & Special Anniversary Celebration. This year’s theme, Giving Value to Data: Advocacy, Guidance, Services will highlight recent developments in the discovery, access and reuse of research data. The conference will celebrate the dramatic advances made in the way the research community works with data since minting the first DOI for data a decade ago. This is underscored by DataCite minting its 3,000,000th DOI (Digital Object Identifier) earlier this year.

The conference will take place in beautiful Nancy, France on 25-26 August, 2014, following the IFLA World Library and Information Congress. It is hosted by the French Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (INIST-CNRS). For over 25 years, INIST-CNRS has been offering services to scientists, engineers and scholarly information professionals, by facilitating access to all fields of worldwide scientific research. INIST-CNRS is the French DataCite member.

Join us for two days of stimulating talks from experts around the world covering the latest developments, new services, reflections rooted in experience, and current projects.
Conference topics will cover:

  • Data Policies, Advocacy, and Impact on Practice
  • Services to Support Researchers and Their Data
  • Collaboration to Advance the State of the Art
  • Data Citation in Context
  • Infrastructures for Data Management

The detailed program and can be found at the conference website .
Registration is now open.

Surely there’s more to science than money? Economic determinism fails to capture science’s practical social benefit.

The benefits of the scientific enterprise can be difficult to pin-point directly. Rather than grapple with the complexity, many prefer to emphasise how science spending will lead to economic growth. Richard Jones looks back at motivations for science funding historically and finds that pure economic determinism so popular today is far from the only option. National defence and cultural value have […]