Return to the Fascinating World of File Formats!

Today’s guest post is from Kate Murray, Marcus Nappier, and Liz Holdzkom of the Digital Collections Management & Services Division at the Library of Congress. Calling all file formats nerds…and nerds who aren’t file formats nerds…yet! The wait for more file formats news is over. We have some cool updates to share about new additions […]

Planning for Impact – A framework for achievable impacts in grant applications and impact statements.

Grant applications and impact statements for research projects are important points for researchers and assessors to consider the future impact of research and whether the proposed pathways to these goals are feasible. Drawing on evidence from REF2014 …

In conversation: LC Labs staff and Einstein Educator Fellow discuss library data, STEM education, and primary source analysis

The following blog post is a conversation between Eileen J. Manchester of LC Labs and Peter DeCraene, the 2020-2022 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the Library of Congress. Eileen and Peter reflect on how messy, yet rewarding, it is to think of library collections as data in a classroom educational setting.