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2 Simple Strategies to Boost Website Rank

Let’s take the mystery out of SEO with 2 simple strategies designed for small businesses like you! SEO! That dreaded internet term, if you don’t know what it means. What is SEO and what simple strategies can it take your personal website or small business website to the next level? Learn at our free webinar […]

Laugh & Learn: SEO Free Webinar, 13 Feb 2016

Who knew learning could be so much fun? Learning does not have to be boring. We had a riot yesterday at our very first free webinar on SEO Fundamentals. Curious? You can view the replay here. Otherwise, register online and find out for yourself! Free Webinar on SEO Fundamentals Registration Information SEO! That dreaded internet […]

What Impact Zone Consultancy Can Do For You

Hello. We’re Impact Zone. We make your digital world better. We are a consultancy that specializes in content strategy, analytics, corporate identity, and information systems (websites, CMS, and iRODS). We solve your toughest digital challenges by applying our expertise to find cost-effective solutions. We implement a client-centered design and development approach and create digital experiences […]