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Global conflict and the rise of ‘post naïve’ science diplomacy.

Reflecting on developments in science diplomacy following the war in Ukraine and developing ideas from their previous post questioning the current conceptualisation of science diplomacy, Doubravka Olšáková and Sam Robinson, argue that we are at the …

War in Ukraine highlights the enduring myths of science diplomacy.

Amongst other things, the war in Ukraine has demonstrated the failure of western diplomacy to contain the outbreak of war in Europe. Over the past decades, one aspect of this diplomacy has involved the role of scientific and research relationships betw…

The MH17 Crash and Selective Web Archiving

The following is a guest post by Nicholas Taylor, Web Archiving Service Manager for Stanford University Libraries. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has been mentioned in several news articles within the last week  (see here, here and here) for having archived a since-deleted blog post from a Ukrainian separatist leader touting his shooting down a […]