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A fairer way to finance tertiary education

Nicholas Barr dispels some of the commonly held myths around higher education funding and outlines the core elements of a financing system guided by principles of fairness and efficiency. This post originally appeared on the LSE British Politics and Po…

Book Review: A University Education by David Willetts

In A University Education, former Minister of State for Universities and Science (2010-14) David Willetts sets out the changes he fostered during his four-year ministry and his views on what still needs to be transformed, alongside a scholarly appreciation of how the current higher education system and its particularly British (mainly English) features have evolved. In this review, Ron Johnston critically […]

Higher university fees reduce applications and attendance

Filipa Sá uses the variation in the level of university fees between England and Scotland over time to measure the effect of fees on university applications, course choice and attendance. She finds that applications decrease by about 1.6% for a £1,000 increase in fees and courses that lead to lower salaries and lower employment rates after graduation are more sensitive to changes […]