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More data or better data? Using statistical decision theory to guide data collection

When designing data collection, researchers must take important decisions on how much data to collect and what resources to devote to enhancing the quality of the collected data. But the threshold for choosing better over bigger data may be reached long before the sample numbers in the thousands, write Jeff Dominitz and Charles F. Manski. Big data has become an […]

What staff resource is allocated to RDM Services, and is it enough?

This post is about the first part of a three-part briefing on the responses to our survey carried out in May 2015. The briefing is available on our survey page. A basic report giving analysis of these responses was sent to the survey participants at th…

Dear future NEON data users: Thanks for your input!

While we’ve released some preliminary data from newly constructed field sites, our data portal is a work in progress. We want to know what you, future users of NEON data, are looking for when you search for and download data. We’ve hired a usability firm here in Boulder near headquarters to help us systematically collect your feedback so we can use …

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