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A tool for navigating your research career

In this cross-post, Christina Boswell introduces a newly developed tool to help researchers map the activities they are engaged with the aim of exposing where activity is clustered. The tool has been designed to help researchers be more strategic and s…

Policy encourages researcher mobility, but it can be career dead end

European research policies and national research systems encourage researchers, especially PhD and post PhD, to relocate and change institutions. However, discussing new research, Marco Seeber identifies a broken pipeline between those moving instituti…

Book Review: Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide by Christopher L. Caterine

In Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide, Christopher L. Caterine provides practical advice for those considering changing careers. Eryk Walczak finds this book a great read for both early-stage PhD students who might want to prepare a Plan B and more seasoned academics considering working in non-academic roles. This review originally appeared on LSE Review of Books. If you would like … Continued