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RDMF13: notes from breakout group 1 (practice)

Breakout group 1, session 2 – How do data-related activities during a research project affect longer-term preservation requirements? – chair: Joanna Ball, University of Sussex
JB – themes: non digital data; implementing RDM as part of…

RDMF13: notes from breakout group 2 (systems)

Breakout group 2, session 1 – What systems are involved in data preparation processes, and what impacts do they have? – chair: John Beaman, University of Leeds
M Wolf – systems for non-digital data (x2)
Several institutions do not hav…

RDMF13: notes from breakout group 3 (roles and training)

This breakout session brought together over 30 attendees across the two sessions to discuss roles and (staff and student) training for preparing data – and other research objects – for deposit. It was chaired by Sophie Salffner of SOAS.
Following a br…