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Exciting new partnership for long-term preservation of Dryad data

Keeping research data open and accessible has always been our goal at Dryad. Now, we’ve partnered with Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) to ensure long-term preservation of curated data. We are proud to be taking this step to safeguard open data and ensure future discoverability. Public content on Dryad servers, currently over 15,000 data […]

Video games: worth preserving?

Last month I had the great honour of attending the Digital Preservation Coalition 2014 Awards as a finalist for the Most Distinguished Student Work in Digital Preservation, and the even greater honour of being the winner! The night was spent with some …

Judging a book by its URLs: accurate and concise digital references are central to academic rigour and credibility.

Central to the quality of academic scholarship is its rigour. Footnote references are integral to this process. If generating accurate and fully comprehensive footnotes is to be maintained in online spaces, coherent and longterm URLs must be part of this … Continue reading