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A decade of surveys on attitudes to data sharing highlights three factors for achieving open science

Drawing on survey data across a ten year period, Josh Borycz, Alison Specht, and Kevin Crowston, explore how attitudes to open data and more broadly open science have shifted and identify three factors that shape uptake of open science practices. Open …

New at Dryad: Donna Okubo joins the team

Open access veteran and renowned alliance-builder Donna Okubo has joined Dryad as Strategic Partnership Director. Continue reading →
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SCOSS: New institutions pledge support for Dryad

Dryad is deeply grateful for the support of thirteen institutions who have generously contributed to us through SCOSS so far this year, and the three consortia who have organized pledging campaigns. SCOSS investments are so important to help build sust…

Community discussion: The integral role of community-designed systems – Dryad’s first 14 years

Presentation at the Database Sustainability Symposium hosted by Phoenix Bioinformatics. I’ve approached my talk in three main parts: how we think about sustainability, what the picture at Dryad looks like today, and how we’re thinking about the future. First, I’ll … Continue reading

Goodbye, Microsoft Academic – Hello, open research infrastructure?

The announcement of the closure of Microsoft Academic later this year, may have left the research community largely unmoved, although its demise has significant implications for those working with the service’s substantial database. Here, Aaron Tay, Al…

Dryad’s Commitment to the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure

Researchers, institutions, funders, and publishers have relied on Dryad for over 10 years to support open data publishing. Throughout, we have taken our responsibility as open infrastructure seriously. As a small nonprofit working in a crowded and complicated scholarly communications … Continue reading

Sustainable, Open Source Alternatives Exist

Authors: Dryad (Tracy Teal, Daniella Lowenberg) & Zenodo (Tim Smith, Jose Benito Gonzales, Lars Holm Nielsen, Alex Ioannidis) Crossposted at Zenodo Recently, the 4TU.ResearchData team published a blog post on their decision to take a commercial route through their repository … Continue reading