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Exploring the Impact of Preprints in Neuroscience: Insights from Lucia Melloni

As preparation to the submission of the first preprint from the research study in the FAIR Workflows project, I spoke with Professor Lucia Melloni, the co-director of the project and principal investigator at the MPIEA, to discuss the influence and evolution of preprints in neuroscience research. Our conversation provided an in-depth look at her experiences and views on this shift in scientific dissemination.

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A broken system – why literature searching needs a FAIR revolution

The volume of academic research articles is increasing exponentially. However, the ease with which we are able to find these articles depends on the capabilities of the search systems that we use. These systems (bibliographic databases like Scopus and academic search engines like Google Scholar) act as important gatekeepers between authors and readers. A recent … Continued

All the fun of the FAIR: FAIR WG inaugural meeting held

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Thursday, 4 July was the inaugural meeting of the EOSC FAIR Working Group. We have 26 members representing 20 different Member States and Associated Countries and a remit which covers FAIR practice, a …

Promoting FAIR principles in the healthcare field

In December, the 3-year EU funded (Horizon 2020), pan-European project FAIR4Health was launched, and three weeks ago I attended its first general assembly in Seville. The overall objective of FAIR4Health is stated as “to facilitate and encourage …