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The most consequential experiments carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic will be social

The public image of the response to COVID-19 has been presented primarily through a scientific lens. However, as Alana Couvrette argues, the COVID-19 pandemic has been as intense a period of socio-political experimentation, as scientific. Drawing on ex…

Rethinking LC for Robots: From Topics to Actions

Have you noticed that our LC for Robots page has a new look this month? We integrated feedback from visitors, discussion, and a card sorting exercise to consolidate resources for machine-readable access to Library of Congress digital collections. We’re looking for your feedback, but first, learn more about how we approached this redesign. In September […]

Making a Newspaperbot

The following is a guest post from Library of Congress Labs Innovation Intern, Aditya Jain. While exploring the possibilities of digital collections, Aditya created @newspaperbot. Below he shares his process, some of the challenges he encountered, along with the code. The Chronicling America API provides access to historical newspapers from the first half of the […]

January Innovator-in-Residence Update: Experiments with Jer Thorp

We’ve been delighted to have Library of Congress Innovator-in-Residence Jer Thorp with us since October. During the first three months of his residency he has connected with staff, visited collections, and explored forms of data to make better sense the inner workings of the Library. Jer has been weaving together those threads with experiments and […]