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Celebrating Open Access Week 2023 with DataCite!

The Open Access Week 2023 advocates for the theme “Community over Commercialization,” emphasizing the significance of fostering a collaborative and inclusive research environment. This theme highlights the important role of prioritizing communal benefits and knowledge dissemination over profit-driven motives. By promoting open access to scholarship, this initiative aims to amplify the value of shared information, collaborative endeavors, and the democratization of knowledge. Raising awareness among the research community about the value of prioritizing the common good over commercial interests can foster a culture of open and equitable access, and collective progress. It encourages the research community to actively engage in the dissemination of their work, fostering a vibrant and interconnected research ecosystem that thrives on inclusivity and shared expertise.

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Community Matters: DataCite’s Annual Meeting 2023

The DataCite Annual Community Meeting was held on 12 October 2023. The first thing to notice about this sentence is the subtle, but important, change in the name of the event from being a Member Meeting to a Community Meeting. This change emphasizes the community nature of DataCite as reflected in our new messaging, and is driven by our desire to be as open and inclusive as possible, welcoming anyone with an interest in DataCite and our activities. Of the 11 sessions that took place, only 4 training sessions were limited to DataCite Members and Consortium Organizations.

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Are you ready for EPSRC?

The DCC has been collaborating with Jisc to run a follow-up workshop to our event last May on EPSRC compliance and have been overwhelmed by the response. Registration opened shortly before Christmas and was full before the holidays. We’ve since increased the capacity to 90 and are full again. It seems institutional readiness for Research Data Management is a hot topic!

There will be around 65 different organisations represented at the event, mostly from UK HEIs. It’s great to see that such a broad range of universities are engaging with research data management.

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