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Teaching and Learning About Digital Stewardship

Gaining the knowledge, skills and experience required to manage digital assets and provide access to them over time can sometimes feel like trying to hit a moving target. Almost all heritage organizations now have a responsibility to steward some kind of digital content be it e-books or journals, digitized materials, electronic records, digital photographs, data […]

A Residency Update: Working with Digital Media Art at the Smithsonian

The following is a guest post by Erica Titkemeyer, National Digital Stewardship Resident at the Smithsonian Institution Archives As the National Digital Stewardship Resident placed within the Smithsonian Institution Archives I have been tasked with identifying the specialized digital curation requirements for time‐based media art (TBMA). I typically use this definition to best describe TBMA (also referred to here as digital media art): artwork containing […]

NDSR at WebWise, and an Exciting Announcement!

The following is a guest post by Lauren Work, a National Digital Stewardship Resident at PBS. After our inaugural experience presenting just a few weeks ago at ALA Midwinter, the residents of the National Digital Stewardship Residency program headed to WebWise 2014 in Baltimore, MD on February 10th to present our project progress as well […]

The Latest from the NDSR: Presenting at ALA Midwinter

The following is a guest post by Julia Blase, National Digital Stewardship Resident at the National Security Archive. In case you hadn’t heard, the ALA Midwinter Meeting took place in Philadelphia last weekend, attended by around 12,000 librarians and exhibitors. If you didn’t attend, or didn’t have friends there to take notes for you, the Twitter […]

DPOE Train the Trainer, Alaska Edition

The following is a guest post by Jeanette Altman, a Digital Projects Professional at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. For many Alaskans, it’s not uncommon to be just slightly out of step with the rest of America. Things that might be easily obtainable Outside (that’s the Lower 48 to you) come at a premium here. […]

NDSR Digital Content Immersion Workshop

The following is a guest post by Lyssette Vazquez-Rodriguez, Program Support Assistant & Valeria Pina, Communications Assistant This is the second part of a three part series of posts about the 2013-2014 NDSR class, read the first part here. As part of the nine-month National Digital Stewardship Residency program, the residents recently completed their two […]

DPOE Turns Three with the July Train-the-Trainer in Illinois

The following is a guest post from Michael Mastrangelo, a Program Support Assistant in the Office of Strategic Initiatives at the Library of Congress. The Midwest doubles down on its commitment to digital preservation with its second digital preservation Train-the-Trainer event in two years. Hosted July 9 – 12, 2013, by the Consortium of Academic […]