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Visualizing COVID in Fiber, Part 2

It’s been two years since I posted about my 2020 US COVID daily fatalities handwoven visualization. I have had many interesting conversations about that piece (for examples, see here) and it’s one of my handmade projects for which I am … Continue reading

Life in the Time of COVID

Year 3 of this pandemic is quickly approaching and one might think we’d be getting used to being in these “unprecedented times.” And yet the last several months have been extra challenging for me, particularly as a parent of small … Continue reading

Visualizing COVID in Fiber

A side effect of being a data specialist-by-day and a crafter-by-night, is that the two sometimes combine. This leads to things like the bad passwords dress and the women in science dress, but more recently, I’ve been dabbling in data … Continue reading

Book Review: How Charts Lie

Continuing in my pandemic reading of data books, next up is “How Charts Lie: Getting Smarter about Visual Information” by Alberto Cairo. (I didn’t plan to be a predominately book review blog, but I need a way to channel the … Continue reading