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Taking Culture Seriously: How can we build positive change and coherent practice within our research communities?

Change in higher education often progresses slowly. If scholars are serious about wanting to change disciplinary and institutional cultures and not merely to wait for Cultural Change to magically happen, Cameron Neylon argues we need to consider the differing approaches to how certain cultures operate, interact and eventually change. Ultimately, change in higher education requires a variety of levers (e.g. […]

Credit where credit is due: Research parasites and tackling misconceptions about academic data sharing

Benedikt Fecher and Gert G. Wagner look at a recent editorial which faced considerable criticism for typecasting researchers who use or build on previous datasets as “research parasites”. They argue that the authors appear to miss the point, not only of data sharing, but of scientific research more broadly. But as problematic as the editorial may be, it points to a […]

2 Simple Strategies to Boost Website Rank

Let’s take the mystery out of SEO with 2 simple strategies designed for small businesses like you! SEO! That dreaded internet term, if you don’t know what it means. What is SEO and what simple strategies can it take your personal website or small business website to the next level? Learn at our free webinar […]

Laugh & Learn: SEO Free Webinar, 13 Feb 2016

Who knew learning could be so much fun? Learning does not have to be boring. We had a riot yesterday at our very first free webinar on SEO Fundamentals. Curious? You can view the replay here. Otherwise, register online and find out for yourself! Free Webinar on SEO Fundamentals Registration Information SEO! That dreaded internet […]

Free Webinar on SEO Fundamentals, 6 and 13 February 2016

SEO! That dreaded internet term, if you don’t know what it means. What is SEO and how can it take your personal website or small business website to the next level? Find out in this FREE SEO webinar. What you’ll get: A review of general SEO (search engines, keywords and how to apply them and […]

Join Me for Weekly SEO Thursdays on Periscope!

Tomorrow’s SEO Thursdays Periscope on @impactzoneco is about “Using Keywords to Jump Start Your Blog Posts” Join us! I’ll add the blog post and the video URLs to and YouTube once they are public and uploaded, later Thursday afternoon to Friday. Thank you! Hope you can join in. If not, leave questions in the […]

Who’s afraid of Open Data: Scientists’ objections to data sharing don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Many scientists are still resisting calls to openly share underlying data. Whilst their concerns should be taken seriously, Dorothy Bishop doesn’t think the objections withstand scrutiny. Concerns about being scooped are frequently cited, but are seldom justified. If we move to a situation where a dataset is a publication, then the original researcher will get credit every time someone else uses the […]

What Impact Zone Consultancy Can Do For You

Hello. We’re Impact Zone. We make your digital world better. We are a consultancy that specializes in content strategy, analytics, corporate identity, and information systems (websites, CMS, and iRODS). We solve your toughest digital challenges by applying our expertise to find cost-effective solutions. We implement a client-centered design and development approach and create digital experiences […]

Why I Started My Own Business

I am often asked why I started my business, rather than go into a full-time research or academic position. I thought I would answer this question as my first LinkedIn post. The primary reason I started my business was simply the inner drive to provide for a business need I perceived. As a doctoral student, […]