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Webinar Series on Data Management & DMPTool

One of the services we run at the California Digital Library is the DMPTool – this is an online tool that helps researchers create data management plans by guiding them through a series of prompts based on funder requirements. The tool provides resources and help in the form of links, help text, and suggested answers. […]

Large Facilities & the Data they Produce

Last week I spent three days in the desert, south of Albuquerque, at the NSF Large Facilities Workshop. What are these “large facilities”, you ask? I did too… this was a new world for me, but the workshop ended up being a great learning experience. The NSF has a Large Facilities Office within the Office of […]

Closed Data… Excuses, Excuses

If you are a fan of data sharing, open data, open science, and generally openness in research, you’ve heard them all: excuses for keeping data out of the public domain. If you are NOT a fan of openness, you should be. For both groups (the fans and the haters), I’ve decided to construct a “Frankenstein monster” […]

Data Management Education: Part 2

Last week on Data Pub, I provided the impetus for my latest publication with co-author Stephanie Hampton in Ecosphere about data management education (available on the Ecosphere site). The manuscript is the result of my postdoctoral work with theDataONE organization. The question that spawned the research? Whatever happened to the lab notebook? This query resulted in a survey of whether […]

Data Conservancy Releases Alpha Software

By Shonna Clark, JHU   Over three years ago, the Data Conservancy began its mission to create technological and human infrastructure able to support the preservation, re-use and discovery of research data.  Today, DC is one step closer to that …

JHU Data Archive Archival Process

By Betsy Gunia, JHU Data Management Consultant   The Johns Hopkins University Data Management Services (JHU DMS), offered by the Sheridan Libraries, helps researchers develop data management plans and both preserve and share research data. We provide research data archiving …

NOAA and Data Management Practices

by Ruth Duerr, NSIDC   This is an exciting time for scientific data management, a field that up to just a few years ago desperately needed more attention, but which now shows signs of coming into its own as people …

Data Conservancy Education Activities at the University of Illinois

By Carole Palmer and Virgil Varvel, University of Illinois   The Data Conservancy (DC) Broader Impacts team at the University of Illinois is leading activities to advance education of data professionals to address data curation workforce needs in the sciences. …