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To build a better world after COVID-19, now is the time to transform how we think about social science commercialisation

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown many opportunities have arisen to rethink how and for whom our societies operate. In this post, Julia Black argues that social sciences can play a unique role in the post-COVID-19 recovery by forging new relationships with business and commerce and outlines how initiatives, such as the Aspect … Continued

Organisational change is a challenge uniquely suited to the insights of social science

The organisational cultures of businesses and institutions of all kinds have massive implications for society, from day-to-day working conditions, to the impact organisations have on the environment and the economy. In this post, Andrew Day, presents evidence from a recent study into cultural change initiatives and argues that a social perspective of organisations as being, … Continued

Introducing…LSE Business Review: The top ten ways in which business firms and universities interact.

The LSE Business Review blog launches today, Monday 7 September 2015. It is an LSE-wide initiative to improve knowledge-exchange activities connecting academics with the business community — corporations, firms, business executives and managers. The cross-disciplinary blog is funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Accounts and will draw on business-facing and business-relevant contributions from across all LSE departments, alums, business leaders, think tanks […]

Capturing the value of university-business collaboration in education requires flexible approach to measurement tools

Co-operation between businesses and universities is now firmly on the agenda. However, co-operation in the field of education plays something of a runner-up to co-operation in the field of research, particularly when it comes to valuing and measuring the outcomes of this. Adrian Healy recently led an exploratory study for the European Commission’s Directorate General of Education and Culture, examining the […]

Business education can revive itself by building links with the public sector and embracing policy relevance.

Business schools have operated under the same pedagogical model for the past 30 years, making them a prime target for innovation. Mark Esposito pinpoints the emergence of a possible nexus between business schools and policy makers – a connection yet to be fully explored but with massive potential to help address complex problems of the future. While private and public sector […]