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A genealogy of acceleration – Tracing the academic origins of the accelerated academy

Debates on the subject of the accelerated academy often focus on the contemporary condition of acceleration, or the transfusion of the ideology of acceleration from different domains into an unsuspecting academy. In contrast, Justin Tyler Clark, argues that the intellectual underpinnings of the accelerated academy do not lie in administrative and bureaucratic developments, but in … Continued

Book Review: Hacking Life: Systematized Living and its Discontents by Joseph M. Reagle, Jr.

In Hacking Life: Systematized Living and its Discontents, Joseph M. Reagle, Jr. explores the cultural trend of life hacking in its myriad forms as rooted in both the increasing pressures to perform to the maximum of our abilities and technological advances that are enabling us to monitor and quantify the world in unprecedented detail. The book not only lays bare an increasingly popular […]