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Why do academics choose useless titles for articles and chapters? Four steps to getting a better title.

An informative title for an article or chapter maximizes the likelihood that your audience correctly remembers enough about your arguments to re-discover what they are looking for. Without embedded cues, your work will sit undisturbed on other scholars’ PDF libraries, … Continue reading

Should authors strive to have a consistent and recognisable style of writing?

As academics look to write for different audiences and in more accessible ways, it is worth paying closer attention to the variety of styles across different genres. James Hartley asks, do writing styles change over time – or are they consistent … Continue reading

Research is about making sense of things and channelling further thought: our top five posts on how to write

Our posts on the process of writing well proved popular with our readers again this year. Here are our top five most read pieces on academic writing.  Science and the English Language – lessons from George Orwell Drawing on George … Continue reading

Writing Across Boundaries: An opportunity for researchers to reflect on the process and anxiety of academic writing.

The process of writing-up one’s fieldwork data can be daunting for even the most seasoned researcher. Bob Simpson and Robin Humphrey discuss the Writing Across Boundaries initiative, which is aimed at supporting early career researchers who are seeking to engage … Continue reading