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Finding time for impact – Policy choices incentivising academic behaviours are not zero-sum games

Research policy increasingly encourages academics to undertake different activities, such as research, teaching and academic service, yet academic time remains finite. Using the introduction of tuition fees in 2012 as a natural experiment within the UK…

A genealogy of acceleration – Tracing the academic origins of the accelerated academy

Debates on the subject of the accelerated academy often focus on the contemporary condition of acceleration, or the transfusion of the ideology of acceleration from different domains into an unsuspecting academy. In contrast, Justin Tyler Clark, argues that the intellectual underpinnings of the accelerated academy do not lie in administrative and bureaucratic developments, but in … Continued

Book Review: Accelerating Academia: The Changing Structure of Academic Time by Filip Vostal

In Accelerating Academia: The Changing Structure of Academic Time, Filip Vostal examines how speed has become a key pressure within higher education through interviews with twenty academics based in the UK. While the empirical research could be broader, Luke Martell highly recommends the book for offering considered, inquiring reflections on the structures that are contributing to the acceleration of academic life. This review originally appeared on LSE Review […]