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If generative AI is saving academics time, what are they doing with it?

Drawing on a recent survey of academic perceptions and uses of generative AI, Richard Watermeyer, Donna Lanclos and Lawrie Phipps suggest that the potential efficiency promised by these tools disclose which work is and isn’t valued in academia. Widespr…

Racism and classism in elite universities are deliberate mechanisms used to maintain privilege

Racist and classist mechanisms within higher education are often presented as abstract intangible processes that produce unequal outcomes for those attending university from non-traditional backgrounds. Drawing on evidence from their new book, Kalwant …

2022 in review: Living and Working in Higher Education

From the war in Ukraine to the politics of citation, this annual review brings together twelve posts that explore issues in higher education and how they are shaped by the world within and without the ivory tower. The responsibility of intellectuals in…

2021 In Review: Living and Working in Academia

  Throughout 2021 universities and higher education institutions have faced the immediate challenge of COVID-19, whilst at the same time long term trends continue to disrupt and reconfigure the sector. This annual review brings together a selectio…

Book Review: Being Well in Academia: Ways to Feel Stronger, Safer and More Connected by Petra Boynton

In Being Well in Academia: Ways to Feel Stronger, Safer and More Connected, Petra Boynton provides a practical guide to how to recognise and confront the various issues that can arise from being in academia. Through Boynton’s sensitive approach to academic self-help, the book offers a succinct overview of the challenges that can be thrown at those … Continued

When it comes to gender inequality in academia, we know more than what can be measured

In academia gender bias is often figured in terms of research productivity and differentials surrounding the academic work of men and women. Alesia Zuccala and Gemma Derrick posit that this outlook inherently ignores a wider set of variables impacting women, and that attempts to achieve cultural change in academia can only be realised, by acknowledging … Continued

Book Review: Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide by Christopher L. Caterine

In Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide, Christopher L. Caterine provides practical advice for those considering changing careers. Eryk Walczak finds this book a great read for both early-stage PhD students who might want to prepare a Plan B and more seasoned academics considering working in non-academic roles. This review originally appeared on LSE Review of Books. If you would like … Continued

Academia meets Romancelandia: Or, what scholars can learn from romance writers

Christine Larson argues that when faced with digital disruption, academics have much to learn from the writers of Romance fiction. Notably, the way in which their adoption of an open-elite organizational structure, has enabled Romance writers to successfully and equitably adapt to new forms of digital communication. The power of romance burns bright this year. … Continued

The COVID-safe university is an opportunity to end the default ableism of academia

Universities and academic institutions are making radical changes in an attempt to make their spaces and practices COVID-safe. In this post, Dr Stuart Read, Dr Anne Parfitt and Dr Tanvir Bush, put forward that this restructuring of academia presents a clear and present opportunity to expand inclusivity in academia and to redress the ableism currently … Continued