Author: Kate Zwaard

Announcing the Library of Congress Congressional Data Challenge

Today we launch a Congressional Data Challenge, a competition asking participants to leverage legislative data sets on and other platforms to develop digital projects that analyze, interpret or share congressional data in user-friendly ways. “There is so much information now available online about our legislative process, and that is a great thing,” said Librarian […]

Collections as Data and National Digital Initiatives

This the text of my talk from the Collections as Data: IMPACT. Once the videos of the individual talks are processed and available, we’ll share those with you here — in the meanwhile, you can watch starting at minute 6:45 in the video of the entire event. Welcome to Collections as Data! When we hosted […]

Emoji, Texting and Social Media: How Do They Impact Language?

The following is a repost from the blog of the John W. Kluge Center. The author is Dan Turello who manages the Kluge Center senior chair competitions including the Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology and the Henry A. Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations. I’m here with Dame Wendy Hall, […]

Identity Crisis: The Reality of Preparing MLS Students for a Competitive and Increasingly Digital World

This is a guest post by Mary Kendig, a student of the Master of Information Science program and the research coordinator for the DCIC Center at the University of Maryland. The Problem                                                    With the explosive emergence of computers and information technology since the 1960’s, electronic records have overwhelmed librarians and archivists. Federal agencies have responded […]

Software Carpentry at the Library of Congress

In February, we hosted 40 librarians, archivists and data wranglers at the Library of Congress to learn advanced skills in managing digital collections. National Digital Initiatives (NDI/NP/NIO) hosted a Software Carpentry workshop, inviting staff from the Library, the DC Public Library and federal libraries for hands-on learning in the programming language Python, the version-control software […]

Collecting Digital Content at the Library of Congress

This is a guest post by Joe Puccio, the Collection Development Officer at the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress has steadily increased its digital collecting capacity and capability over the past two decades. This has come as the product of numerous independent efforts pointed to the same goal – acquire as much selected […]

NDI Talk at Collections as Data

Here’s the text of the talk I gave last week at the Collections as Data event my group hosted on September 27, 2016. If you would like to watch it, the talk starts at about minute 54 of the video of the event. Welcome to Collections as Data! I’m excited to tell you about our […]

Collections as Data Tomorrow

Tomorrow, September 27, 2016, NDI is hosting our Collections as Data symposium, which will be free and open to the public. We’re really excited about the speakers we have lined up for the day, and hope you can join is in person or through the live-streamed video. In preparation for the event, our colleagues in […]