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DataCite summer meeting streaming

For those of you unable to come to Washington DC, the summer meeting will be streamed through:
Windows Media Player:
Hashtag on Twitter will be #datacite
In any case we will post all the presentatio…

Summer meeting programme finalised

6 weeks prior to the next DataCite summer meeting in Washington DC September 19-20 we are pleased to announce the publication of the final programme for the event.
Join us there to learn about the latest developments in data citation from Figshare, Fo…

Harvard University Library and IEEE join DataCite

DataCite is pleased to welcome two new Affiliated Members:Harvard University Library and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
We are looking forward to good cooperation on all issues of scientific data sharing, publication and citing.

10 most popular datasets in March

Again it is time to present you the most popular datasets of last month,
based on . So here are the top 10 datasets of March , registered by DataCite.

It is worth mentioning one reason that again most of the top 10 come from figshare. Whereas data published in classical data repositories is usually accessed directly through a search at the data center without using the DOI resolution, publishing the DOI name is the ideal advertising for any figshare content, thus increasing the resolution counts. That is one reason, why figshare DOI names seem to be so popular. Nevertheless the resolution number provide an interesting metric for usage of datasets.

Number 1: 7610 resolutions
Figure 7 raw data: Effect of variable exposure to PTHrP (1-36) on bone nodules and AP activity in high plating density cultures. (2013)
Suzan Kamel, John Yee.

Number 2: 7280 resolutions
Figure 6 raw data: Effect of intermittent and continuous exposure to PTHrP (1-36) on cell proliferation and apoptosis in RC cell cultures. (2013)
Suzan Kamel, John Yee.

Number 3: 6433 resolutions
GenoCAD Tutorial I. (2013)
Mary Mangan, Mandy Wilson, Laura Adam, Jean Peccoud.

Number 4: 3107 resolutions
GenoCAD Legacy Grammars. (2013)
Jean Peccoud, Michael Czar, Yizhi Cai.

Number 5: 2129 resolutions
Introduction to the UCSC Genome Browser. (2012)
Mary Mangan.

Number 6: 1739 resolutions
Supplementary material for the Paper “Perception of Focused Sources in Wave Field Synthesis”. (2013)
Hagen Wierstorf.

Number 7: 735 resolutions
H. Mosser; Krems/AT (2013)
C-0364 Breast cancer screening in Austria: online survey on women’s level of information, anxiety and trust in information sources in order to assess the extent of informed consent for screening.

Number 8: 601 resolutions
The case for open preprints in biology. (2013)
Philippe Desjardins-Proulx, Ethan P. White, Joel Adamson, Karthik Ram, Timothée Poisot, Dominique Gravel. .

Number 9: 562 resolutions
Designing command-line interfaces (CLIs) for scientific software. (2013)
Daniel Standage.

Number 10: 532 resolutions
Open Access Now! Research notes in the form of a deck of slides assembled by Ernesto Priego for the Open Access debate organised by Roger Sabin at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London, Monday 18 March 2013. (2013)
Ernesto Priego.

So the top 10 are 5 datasets, 1 medical study, 2 presentations and 2 textual objects.

Generally in March we had around 750,000 resolutions in total.

10 most popular datasets in February

Following the success of publishing the most resolved datasets of January, we present you the
10 most popular datasets of February 2013, registered by DataCite:

  • Number 1: 4226 resolutions
    GenoCAD Training Set I. (2013)
    Jean Peccoud, Laura Adam, Mandy Wilson
  • Number 2: 1863 resolutions
    Introduction to the UCSC Genome Browser. (2012)
    Mary Mangan.
  • Number 3: 1560 resolutions
    GenoCAD Legacy Grammars. (2013)
    Jean Peccoud, Michael Czar, Yizhi Cai.
  • Number 4: 761 resolutions
    Slagvaardig met ICT: Ontwerpprincipes voor leeromgevingen die professionele digitale competenties van hbo-studenten versterken. (2013)
    F.W. Jacobs
  • Number 5: 670 resolutions
    How to design a genetic mating scheme: a basic training package for Drosophila genetics. (2013)
    John Roote, Andreas Prokop.
  • Number 6: 533 resolutions
    2nd year Drosophila Developmental Genetics practical. (2013)
    Andreas Prokop.
  • Number 7: 528 resolutions
    Agrawal A, Johnson MTJ, Hastings AP, Maron JL (2012)
    Data from: A field experiment demonstrating plant life-history evolution and its eco-evolutionary feedback to seed predator populations.
    Dryad Digital Repository.
  • Number 8: 484 resolutions
    ICT4S ICT for Sustainability. (2013)
    Hilty, Lorenz M., Aebischer, Bernard, Andersson, Göran and Lohmann, Wolfgang.
    Proceedings of the First International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainability, ETH Zurich, February 14-16, 2013
  • Number 9: 450 resolutions
    git repository for paper on git and reproducible science. (2013)
    Karthik Ram.
  • Number 10: 439 resolutions
    Evaluating a general theory of macroecology. (2013)
    Ethan P. White

    So the top 10 are 4 datasets, 1 course material, 2 presentations and 3 textual objects, although number 9 could propably count as data about a text-object ­čÖé
    Generally we again had around 500,000 resolutions in total.
    Interestingly none of the top 11 from January is in the top 10 of February, which indicates that the resolutions here come from actual interest in the objects, not just from clicking on the top 11 of January…

  • DataCite statistics – 11 most popular datasets in January (update)

    Some of you have seeen already that DataCite is offering a statistics page for some time now:
    This page provides you with detailed information on how many DOI names were registered by which DataCite member or data center, and…

    DataCite General Assembly welcomes new members

    From December 10th to 11th DataCite held its 4th General Assembly in Cologne, Germany. At this occasion two new members were elected: DataCite welcomes the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) as its 17th full member and the Bejiing Genomic Ins…