Author: Heather Piwowar

Process behind a Nature Comment

Publishing a Comment in Nature involved a process unlike any I’ve experienced to date, so I figured I’d document it (Comment itself is here).   I wish more people would document the story behind their papers (and #OverlyHonestMethods ­čÖé ), and also the process behind their scientific communication to help us all peek behind the curtains. […]

First draft of just-published Value all Research Products

The copyright transfer agreement (arg) I signed for the just-published Comment in Nature included restrictions on where I may post a copy of the article: Although ownership of all Rights in the Contribution is transferred to NPG, NPG hereby grants to the Authors a licence […] c) To post a copy of the Contribution as […]

Just published: Value all research products

A Nature editor contacted me in November, asking if I’d like to write a Comment about the upcoming NSF policy change in Biosketch instructions.  It sounded like a great chance to talk about the value of alternative research products with a wide audience, so I agreed.  The comment was published yesterday and is now available […]