Author: Eileen J. Manchester

Check out: The Secret Life of GeoTIFFs

n October 2022, the outcomes of a 2015 experiment to geo-reference 4,998 digitized maps of the Austro-Hungarian empire were shared with the public at the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud Data Jam. Check out this recent post on World’s Revealed, the Library’s Geography and Maps blog, to learn more about the resulting GeoTIFF files enable access to digitized historical maps.

Discussing Library of Congress API documentation with Laura Wrubel and Patrick Rourke

An interview with two people who have worked extensively with LC APIs: Laura Wrubel, currently a digital library software developer at Stanford Libraries, and Patrick Rourke, software engineer at the Library of Congress who led the recent update.

Now Playing: the CCHC Data Jam!

Sharing the CCHC data jam event recording and summary of an engaging set of discussions on the complexities of accessing and analyzing digital cultural materials as datasets.