Author: Daniella Lowenberg

From Networking to Curation: Summing Up the 2018 Data Curation Unconference

Authors: Vessela Ensberg (UC Davis), Jeanine Finn (Claremont Colleges), Greg Janée (UC Santa Barbara/California Digital Library), Amy Neeser (UC Berkeley), Scott Peterson (UC Berkeley) The…

Co-Author ORCiDs in Dash

Recently, the Dash team enabled ORCiD login. And while this configuration is important for primary authors, the Dash team feels strongly that all contributors to data publications should get credit for their work. All co-authors of a published dataset now have the ability to authenticate and attach their ORCiD in Dash. How this works: Data… Read more »

Dash Enables ORCiD Login

The Dash team has now added a second way to login and submit. In addition to using Single Sign-On, users now have the ability to login with ORCiD. This means that not only can you authenticate with ORCiD, but once you have logged in this way, your ORCiD ID will connect to your Dash account.… Read more »