[icon name=icon-terminal] What is Coffeehouse?

Coffeehouse aggregates posts about data management from around the internet.

The idea for this site draws inspiration from other aggregators such as Ecobloggers and R-Bloggers.

Coffeehouse is a project of DataONE, the Data Observation Network for Earth.

Posts are lightly curated. That is, all posts are brought in, but if we see posts that aren’t on topic, we take them down from this blog. They are not of course taken down from the original poster, just this blog.

[icon name=icon-comment] Why can’t I comment on blog posts?

We chose to redirect you back to comments on the original blog post so that the authors of posts aggregated on Coffeehouse get the interaction on their own site, not ours.

[icon name=icon-anchor] What tech was used to build the site?

  • Theme: Magazine Basic.
  • On the top of each post there is an alert to tell you the post is syndicated, and gives a link to the original post. You can close this alert if it’s annoying to you. Bootstrap Alerts: Twitter Bootstrap WP plugin
  • Style – we have strived to use clean and simple styling to make for a nice reading experience. A cluttered website makes reading painful.
  • Icons: done using the FontAwesome WordPress Plugin.
  • Aggregating posts is done using the FeedWordPress plugin.
  • The add your blog form: using the Nina forms plugin
  • Analytics: using the Gauges WP plugin (Note to aggregated blogs: Get in touch if  you want the analytics on the site visits)

[icon name=icon-envelope-alt] Contact?

If you have any questions or comments get in touch with the site admins at coffeehouse@dataone.org. You can also get in touch with us on Twitter at @DataONEorg.

[icon name=icon-twitter-sign] Who made the site, and who maintains it?

Carly Strasser, Amber Budden, and Scott Chamberlain – Get in touch on Twitter -> @carlystrasser, @aebudden, and @recology_, respectively.


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