Supporting the FDP NIH Data Management and Sharing Pilot Project

The FDP (Federal Demonstration Partnership) NIH Data Management and Sharing Pilot Project aims to simplify the process of creating an NIH DMSP. The Pilot is testing the effectiveness and usability of two distinct templates.

The goal of the FDP pilot project is not only to test the two templates but also to gather data from both the researcher’s perspective and that of the NIH program. Feedback from these two perspectives will be instrumental in refining the templates based on the pilot data.

DMPTool supports researchers in fulfilling data management requirements efficiently and effectively. In light of this, we have developed templates based on the two FDP pilot templates, Alpha and Bravo. These templates follow the same design principles as the two FDP pilot templates, making it easier for researchers to navigate and comply with the requirements of their respective projects.

DMPTool administrators can customize the FDP templates like other DMPTool templates, including adding custom guidance and example answers and customization of the Research Outputs tab

We are proud to support the FDP NIH Pilot Project and aid researchers in creating comprehensive NIH DMSPs that foster open science. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.