Library Carpentry Advisory Group Welcomes New Members

Following on from January’s Call for Applications, The Library Carpentry Advisory Group is pleased to welcome seven new members to our team. Selected from a pool of excellent applicants, they will begin their 3-year terms this month. Please join us in welcoming:

Sara King – Australia

Dr Sara King is the Training and Engagement Lead for AARNet. She is focused on outreach within the research sector, developing communities of interest around training, outreach and skills development in eResearch. She is passionate about helping others develop the infrastructure and digital literacies required for working in a data-driven world, translating technology so it is accessible to everyone. This year she is looking forward to working with the university library community to develop skills around active research data management, data analysis with Jupyter Notebooks and how to improve personal resilience in ever-changing technological and work environments.

Mary Filsell – Australia

Mary Filsell is a research librarian & futurist focused on providing academic library research services for researchers, staff, masters by research and PHD students at Flinders University, South Australia. Personal research interests include: Library Carpentry, Open Access Research & Data, the FAIR principles for research data, and Extinction Rebellion. This year she is looking forward to working with digital humanities and GLAMR (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Records) communities, especially opportunities related to AI and TDM (text and data mining).

Annajiat Alim Rasel – Bangladesh

Annajiat Alim Rasel is an academic with broad interests in knowledge management. Being fascinated by multidisciplinary library science, he has been beside the local library through its transformation spanning over a decade. He hopes to increase awareness of Library Carpentry for empowerment of librarians and researchers alike. For example, exploration, the logistics for conducting research, and managing the artifacts before and after publication.

Sarah Schäfer – South Africa

Sarah Schäfer is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and her background is in digital cultural heritage. She has an interest in digital archives, collections management and the intersection of the arts and computing. Sarah loves working in a field that draws and benefits from knowledge in diverse areas, and she hopes that her role on the Advisory Group will help to grow and mobilise the Carpentries community on the African continent.

Ekatarina (Eka) Grguric – Canada

Ekatarina (Eka) Grguric is a Digital Scholarship Librarian at the University of British Columbia where she supports faculty and students in computationally informed scholarship via events, training, and embedded project support. In her work she often leans on Carpentries content and is excited to help forge more ways to contribute content to the Library Carpentry curriculum.

Cody Hennesy – United States

Cody Hennesy (he/him) is the Journalism & Digital Media Librarian at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where he works to develop services and support for text and data mining research. He has been coordinating and teaching Software and Library Carpentry workshops at UMN since 2019. He’s looking forward to exploring opportunities to connect LC with library communities across the midwestern US, as well as possibilities to integrate LC efforts with emerging cloud-based text-as-data platforms.

Elizabeth (Lisa) McAulay – United States

Elizabeth (Lisa) McAulay is the Head of the Digital Library Program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In her work, she directs a small team in developing digital access to rare and unique materials from UCLA and through partnership with a range of cultural heritage organizations. She is a certified Carpentries instructor and is an advocate for the Carpentries’ inclusive culture that encourages all learners to develop computational skills in support of their learning and professional goals. She is particularly interested in developing an impact narrative that includes both learner and instructor perspectives on the value of the Carpentries to their work.


We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the outgoing Advisory Group members: Tim Dennis, Jeff Oliver, John Chodacki, Julie Goldman, Konrad Förstner, David Kane, and Ariel Deardorff. Thank you for your excellent work in promoting and supporting Library Carpentry in your communities, and broadening our networks so that we can link up with other collaborations and initiatives and help each other achieve our goals. May a thousand green stickies bloom in your honor!