A Peek Into 2021 for UC3

By: The UC3 Team

Across the UC3 team, we specialize in topics in digital curation, digital preservation, and open research. We manage a range of services, leading and participating in initiatives to move these topic areas forward.  

We’ve found that while some collaborators and colleagues may already be familiar with what we do, the full portfolio of our projects and communities may not always be well understood. Reflecting on the breadth of our current work as well as where we are headed, the UC3 team is kicking off this year with a series of posts about the areas of digital curation that we are involved in: 

UC3 has been around since 2009 and the team is ever changing. Considering how our work evolves, both leading and joining efforts in open research practices, our goal for the series is to re-familiarize folks with what areas we are invested in and share more about the thinking and strategy behind where we are headed in 2021.