Why I’m All In for Elizabeth Warren


I’m all in for Elizabeth Warren because life in the US shouldn’t be like Snakes and Ladders — your lot in life shouldn’t be so heavily determined by luck.

In the USA if you get bad luck (born poor, bad school district, get sick, get laid off, get arrested, etc) it is really really hard to recover.  In contrast, people who have really good luck (they may have worked hard, but privilege and right time right place is luck) keep more of it than every before and more of it than our peer countries in the world.

Our system is broken.

Elizabeth Warren has the empathy, passion, intelligence, and determination to fix it.

She can win.

I’m voting for her — I’ll post details here tomorrow on how you can vote in the Democratic primary as an expat American.

ps More of the reason why I support Warren here and here.  Her 2003 book The Two Income Trap was paradigm-shifting for me.