Full steam ahead!

Photo byLee Hull on Unsplash

Following on from our user group last week, the DMPonline team met yesterday and has prioritised the feature requests you raised. Ray Carrick started work for the DCC on Monday so we have doubled developer effort, and with Marta rejoining later in the year we’re pressing full steam ahead!


Below is a summary of how we are scheduling work. You can see this reflected in the ‘user group’ tickets on the backlog board too. Bigger pieces of work like versioning will be scheduled later to tie into other plans around DOI minting.

  1. Improved search on admin plans and users table #2236and #2240 - by mid October (John assigned)
  2. Allow admins to export their own templates #2019- by mid October (John assigned)
  3. Relocate feedback request button #2234- by late October - awaiting recommendations on how and where to relocate button from UX (John assigned)
  4. Full text API filtering logic and documentation and extension to pilot bulk assignment of departments #2235- by 21 October, RDA plenary (Sam assigned)
  5. XML export #2237- by end October ( John assigned)
  6. Conditional questions update, #1772- by end October, depending on feedback to come (Sam assigned)
  7. Deployment to Amazon Web Services - by 31st October, Brexit ???? (Ray assigned)
  8. Single cloned custom section, #2072- Oct/Nov (Ray assigned)
  9. Add drag and drop functionality to questions, #2238- November (John assigned)
  10. Upload documents to DMPs #2233- postponed until we migrate to Rails 5 as this enables that. Will schedule in November team meeting.

We’ll be meeting with Maria Praetzellis next Monday too and will feed these activities into the broader DMPRoadmap work programme. This will help us set the focus of each sprint e.g. completing accessibility tickets, improving the usage dashboard / admin interface, and progressing the machine-actionable DMP agenda.

Our American DMPTool colleagues will also be visiting Edinburgh from 13-15 November. We have a number of new team members with Maria replacing Stephanie Simms, Magdalena starting as Customer Development Manager and Ray and Marta rejoining the team as developers. The meeting will let us get to know each other better and define our longer-term vision for the open source codebase. Stay tuned!

The DMPonline team. Sadly John Pinto was on annual leave so we’re missing a member.