DMPonline subscription model – revisited

Last November we launched a subscription model for DMPonline. Thank to all who have signed up in the first 6 months. We currently have over 40 institutional subscribers in the UK, Netherlands and Sweden. Their stories are being featured in the Knowledge Exchange section of our newsletter and we’ve been acting on feature requests following user groups. 


Over the past couple of months we started phasing out administrator access for institutions who have decided not to subscribe by reducing the available functionality on a monthly basis. I have been in touch with all administrators for DMPonline prior phasing out, and institutions who did not reply are reminded about the functionalities they will lose. If you believe you are using DMPonline, but did not receive an email from me - please get in touch with me.  


Those who subscribe before end July 2019 will become part of our group of founder members who benefit from preferential rates. The founder members rate will always be one step behind the market value of DMPonline. Fees for the 2019-2020 financial year have been announced for new subscribers. If you want to know a quote for your institution, drop us a line.


Longer subscription based on your feedback 

The feedback we receive from you is crucial for how we run our DMPonline service. We have started to run user groups, have monthly drop in sessions, and our helpdesk is busy with valuable feedback. You have also made suggestions in regards to our subscription models - several institutions got in touch asking whether we could start offering longer-term subscriptions as these are easier to agree internally and give institutions stability. 


We have discussed this at DCC, and came up with a proposal to start 3 year long subscriptions. We believe this gives you more time to implement DMPonline at your institution, start promoting the service to your researchers and see evidence of all the benefits from having DMPonline. 


If your institution decides to go ahead with 3 year long subscription, the current year’s fee will apply to your institution, plus you will get a 10% discount for the multi-year agreement. Effectively the fee will be frozen for the duration of your subscription period so you don’t get inflationary increases, plus you benefit from a significant discount. Fees will continue to be invoiced annually based on your subscription date. Once the subscription period terminates, the new fees from the year when your contract expires will apply. 


Institutions who are currently subscribed to DMPonline on an annual basis but wish to swap for three year long subscription can do so when their current contract terminates. If you wish to subscribe for a three year long contract, let us know. Not to forget, I will be sending contract renewals letters over the summer so we can discuss then.


If you have any suggestions on our subscription model, please do get in touch with us - we are interested to hear what works for you, and are keen to know if there is any other model you would possibly be interested in. 


Last but not least, please note that DMPonline remains free for researchers to develop, share, publish and maintain data management plans, irrespective of whether their institution or funder has a subscription. The value of the subscription is that you can profile your services and gather intelligence to better support user needs.


As always, I am very keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can make it work better, so please feel free to email me at,, on Twitter @mdDCC1, @DMPonline, Facebook or LinkedIn. To keep up with DMPonline news, you can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive our blogs and tweets, and watch GitHub for code updates. You can also discuss any of our new features on the user group mailing list.