DMPonline release notes: May 2019

DMPonline release notes: May 2019

With a new month we also bring you  a new DMPonline release :)! As always, we do appreciate your feedback, as it is very valuable for us to know what works well for you, what doesn’t  and anything else you’d like to see improved or deployed! If you are interested to see what we are currently working on please have a look at our roadmpap.

This month we have prioritised working on a few  features that were requested during our recent user group sessions. Based on your feedback, we have improved some admin functionalities, fixed some errors and automated the  pre-filling of different IDs. A summary of the new features is provided below.

Improvements for administrators

During the user group session it was suggested that we should implement a new role for plan reviewers and that this role would not need the full admin rights as plan reviewers might involve  several people at your institution or externally.We have implemented this role and those tasked with plan reviews will get notified with  review requests and be able to view and comment on plans, but will not be able to edit the templates or guidance.

We have also added functionality to allow  organisational administrators to view the ‘share plan’ tab so they can  see who are collaborating on the plan. This does not mean that administrators  will be able to edit the plan, but you will now have read only permission to view the plan as it is developed.

Most importantly, we have now added a new API where  authorised administrators can harvest the full text from  plans created by researchers in your organisation!

Pre-filling of IDs

We have worked on improving the  automatic pre-filling of identifiers  within the tool. Now users will be automatically  assigned a a 5 digit, unique identifier on the plan details page. The  ID is included in the URL and acts as a unique ID within the tool. Another useful new feature is that DMPonline will now pull in grant information and automatically populate  grant information when drafting DMPs. We demonstrate how this works in our new ‘How to’ video - showing how we have integrated the H2020 projects database on YouTube.

… & we fixed few errors

We have also fixed a few errors in DMPonline. One of the errors you highlighted  was that when you tried to type an email with capital letters, it would throw an error. This was because DMPonline is configured to support email case-insensitivity. However, we have now addressed this and you can now type the email with capital letters, and the email will be accepted. You also said that you found the date which appears in the export footer of the plan confusing as it was not in a standard format. We have now amended this  to a much clearer DD-MM-YYYY format.

Other news…

We are now running  monthly GoToMeetings, as drop-in sessions where you can chat with your peers, ask us any questions you have or learn about new features. In our latest drop-in session, we discussed our DMPonline  promo material, showed you one of our new features and covered our most recent work. If there are some points you wish to raise before the meeting, drop us an email. Our next drop in meeting will be on 17th June 2019 at 12:00 BST.

• 17th June 2019 at 12:00 DMPonline users June drop-in meeting - GoToMeeting

As always, I am very keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can make it work better, so please feel free to email me at,, on Twitter @mdDCC1, @DMPonline, Facebook or LinkedIn. To keep up with DMPonline news, you can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive our blogs and tweets, and watch GitHub for code updates. You can also discuss any of our new features on the user group mailing list.