Come Hear My Thoughts on Data Management and Learning Analytics

I mentioned way back in December that I fell down a research rabbit hole at the end of 2017 but I never said what that rabbit hole was: it’s about data management and library learning analytics. I’m not quite ready to reveal the full results of that research project (the paper is currently working its way through the publication process), but I will be discussing my results at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans next week!

The session I’m speaking at is called “Libraries and Learning Analytics: Identifying the Issues” and is on Saturday, June 23 at 2:30-3:30pm in Morial Convention Center, Rm 395-396.

My talk is actually a follow up of my ALA 2017 talk but with actual research results to share. I’ll be specifically discussing anonymization, consent, and security, because hooboy do I have some things to say in these areas.

If you can’t make it to ALA, I’ll be posting the slides afterwards and hopefully you’ll see the paper in the near future too!

[Added 2018-06-26] Slides now available here: Briney ALA presentation file