RDMF13: notes from breakout group 1 (practice)

Breakout group 1, session 2 – How do data-related activities during a research project affect longer-term preservation requirements? – chair: Joanna Ball, University of Sussex

JB – themes: non digital data; implementing RDM as part of researcher workflows; detailed/tailored support on domain-specific basis…

York – Training is being provided on disciplinary basis, opportunities and efficiencies may arise via consortia (e.g. the White Rose group).

Researchers often say “just give me the idiot’s guide.” They don’t want to engage too deeply, just do what’s needed and expected of them. So there are opportunities to guide them towards good practice that supports longer term preservation.

Kings – Some institutions are putting up webpages specifically on meeting the EPSRC expectations.

JB – how can we move away from sticks/mandates, and towards carrots / incentivisations. Yourself as the first reuser, three years down the line.

Training for PhD students – exercise re. file and folder naming conventions, showing that information organisation can be quite obscure to others unless it’s well documented. 

Aneesha - Researchers as data champions. – can be well received.

JB – Non-digital data.

Peter – We receive paper forms from volunteers, and we keep the originals. Question is how much of the interim materials should we keep. Archivists say don’t keep everything – physical space limitations.

Gareth Cole – University policy and legal requirements to retain certain types of record.