DataCite Releases Metadata Version Update

The DataCite Metadata Working Group is happy to announce that it has completed work on Version 3.1 of the metadata schema. The schema and documentation are both available now from
This new update is composed almost completely of changes suggested by you, the members of DataCite’s community of users. The Working Group received these suggestions primarily via our Discussion Forum.

Here is what Version 3.1 contains:

  • New affiliation attributes for Creator and Contributor
  • A new contributorType: DataCurator
  • Two new relatedIdentifierTypes:
    • arXiv
    • bibcode
  • Two new relationType pairs:
    • IsReviewedBy and Reviews
    • IsDerivedFrom and IsSourceOf
  • In the documentation:
    • Special notes about support for long lists of names (Creator and Contributor)
    • Additional guidance for recording Publication Year and handling the digitized version of physical object
    • Additional guidance in handling missing mandatory property values, including standard values table
    • Correction of link errors in 3.0 documentation

Thank you to all DataCite clients who have taken the time to give us feedback and help make our service better. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming!