ODIN Webinar on Tuesday September 9 at 1500 (BST) / 1600 (CEST) / 1700 (EEST)

After ODIN: looking to the future

Announcing a free webinar from the ODIN project, taking place on Tuesday September 9, at 1500 (BST) / 1600 (CEST) / 1700 (EEST)

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Why do we need persistent identifiers (PIDS)? What can we do with them - and what can’t we do without them? Given that the technology exists, why don’t researchers already have access to all the PIDs, systems and services that they could possibly need?

These are some of the questions that the ORCID and DataCite Interoperability Network (ODIN) project has confronted as it surveyed the landscape of Persistent Identifier usage and adoption. We have completed a detailed gap analysis and set out recommendations for the most urgent steps to take to fill those gaps. Working with international partners, including arXiv, the Australian National Data Service and the Dryad Digital Repository and conducting interviews with stakeholders from multiple disciplines, publishers and e-infrastructure providers, we have refined and improved the ODIN roadmap to better access to an improved PID ecosystem.

Join us for this free webinar on September 9 at 1500 (BST) / 1600 (CEST) / 1700 (EEST) to hear more about the ODIN Roadmap and to discuss the responses of experts from the scholarly communications community.

Speakers will be:

Jude England (British Library)
Jennifer Lin (PLoS)
Mikael Elbaek (Technical University of Denmark)
Kyle Cranmer (New York University, NYU Centre for Data Science)

Members of the project team will also be online to answer your questions.

We look forward to discussing our ideas with you!

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