May Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter Is Now Available

The May 2014 issue of the Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (pdf) is now available!

In this issue:May newsletter

  • Shaking the Email Format Family Tree
  • Interview with Jonathan Sterne: The Meaning of the MP3 Format
  • The Why and What of Web Archives
  • Protect Your Data:  Information Security
  • A Defining Experience:  The Residency Class of 2014
  • Digital Stewardship Innovation Challenge, and other NDSA news
  • Conference reports on Personal Digital Archiving 2014, NDSR Symposium, and Computers in Libraries
  • In our conversation corner, interviews with Meg Phillips of NARA, George Jungbluth of NOAA, and Marla Misunas of SFMOMA
  • Some upcoming events, and more…

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