A gift to readers for the festive season! Academic Inspiration Winter eBook



This originally appeared on LSE Review of Books.

Is there a special novel that you return to every Christmas Eve? Did a book given as a gift start you thinking about a new angle on your research?

Inside this Academic Inspiration Winter eBook, contributors share stories of the inspirational fiction and academic books that have a special winter meaning for them. Click the eBook to start exploring.

  • Mary Evans, Centennial Professor at the LSE Gender Institute, discusses the children’s annuals she’d pore over each Christmas.
  • Simon Glendinning, Reader in European Philosophy at LSE, shares the story of finding in his father’s attic one cold winter’s day a book that would come to shape his writing and research for years to come.
  • Jen Tarr, Lecturer in Research Methodology in the Methodology Institute at LSE, tells us how after her move from Canada to the UK she received books from her parents back home urging her not to lose her roots.
  • Amy Mollett, Managing Editor at LSE Review of Books, takes readers to snowy Paris to hunt through a book shop on the Left Bank.

Download the eBook as a PDF to read online, on a smart phone, or tablet.