Higgs discovery data citable thanks to a DataCite DOI

Today the two particle physics theorists François Englert and Peter W. Higgs, Nobel prize in Physics for 2013, will receive their awards in Sweden.

The theorists published three papers on a new boson independently in 1964 - the first one was published by François Englert and Robert Brout, and, a month later, Peter Higgs published two additional papers. Their theories were finally confirmed on July 4th 2012 by ATLAS and CMS, the two big experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva (Switzerland).

INSPIRE - a large scale digital library for High Energy Physics - made available three Higgs discovery data sets by the ATLAS experiment a few weeks ago. One of the requirements for its publication was to make them citable, so re-use could be tracked down and the experiment receives credit for publishing them. Thanks to the CERN-DataCite collaboration each dataset got a DOI assigned, allowing the data behind to get its first citation!

Our users are very eager to share, re-use and cite more data which we are happy to support together with DataCite. The next step will be to establish a workflow that assigns DataCite DOIs to data integrated from the HepData platform. So watch out for more INSPIREHEP.DATA DOIs, we are just getting started!

Patricia Herterich, Neli Ivanova and Sunje Dallmeier-Tiessen